Product Definition and format

Product Name Convention

The Swarm Level 1b and Level 2 product naming convention can be illustrated in the following example:

Product Name Convention

PRODUCT BASELINE: Is a number associated with a specific product type and satellite. The Product Baseline is identified by the first two of the four digits placed at the end of the file name, i.e. the first two digits of the File_Version field represent the Product Baseline, while the last two represent an incremental File Counter.



Where 03 is the Product Baseline number, while 01 is only an incremental File Counter.

The Product Baseline is increased when upgrades lead to significant improvements in the data quality of the related products. This subsequently leads to a reprocessing of the affected product types. Products with an older File Counter but the same Product Baseline are erased.


L1b Product File Formats

The Swarm L1b product files are provided in the following file formats:

  • CDF-format
  • ASCII Listing (SP3 format)
  • ASCII Listing (RNX format)


L2 Product File Formats

The L2 and Auxiliary Product File consist of data sets with specific formats that have been agreed during the SCARF Technical Meeting 2 on 22/23 February 2010. Five different formats exist:

  • ASCII Listing (SHC format)
  • ASCII Listing (SP3 format)
  • ASCII Listing (XML)
  • ASCII Listing (others)
  • CDF-format
  • PDF-files