Short product names


Full product name
Ionospheric bubble index


By combining electron density and magnetic field observations the IBI product gives information on bubble climatology and on disturbance level of magnetic field data.

Output variables

TimestampmsTime stamp in UTC1CDF_EPOCH
LatitudedegreeGeographic latitude1CDF_DOUBLE
LongitudedegreeGeographic longitude1CDF_DOUBLE
RadiusmGeographic radius1CDF_DOUBLE
Bubble_Index Plasma Bubble Index (0 - quiet, 1 - bubble, -1 - not analyzed)1CDF_INT1
Bubble_Probability Detection probability of the plasma bubble (in steps of 0.2; 0 - not probable, 1 - very probable)1CDF_DOUBLE
Flags_Bubble Flags related to the plasma bubble index1CDF_UINT1
Flags_F Flags_F passed through from MAGx_L1_B1CDF_UINT1
Flags_B Flags_B passed through from MAGx_L1_B1CDF_UINT1
Flags_q Flags_q passed through from MAGx_L1_B1CDF_UINT1


Product identifier IBIxTMS_2F
Definition Ionospheric bubble index
Input data MAGx_LR_1B, EFIx_PL_1B, Satellite positions, Time stamps (UTC), AUX_IGR_2F, AUX_COR_2F, AUX_LIT_2F, AUX_PMF_2F, AUX_F10_2F, AUX_DST_2F, AUX_IMF_2F, AUX_SWV_2F, AUX_PSM_2F, AUX_PGM_2F
Input time span 3 days
Spatial representation One index per data point (characterising whether the magnetic observation is affected by bubble or not.)
Time representation 1s time series
Units N/A
Resolution N/A
Uncertainty N/A
Quality indicator
0 Quiet
1 Confirmed plasma bubble
2 Unconfirmed plasma bubble
4 Large peak in unfiltered magnetic field residuals
8 Time gap
16 Too many peaks in filtered magnetic field residuals
32 Outside equatorial orbit segment or invalid latitude/local time
Data volume ~4 MB/day/satellite
Output data CDF file with time series
Output time span 1 day
Latency 6 min
Update rate 1 per day