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Full product name
Swarm Electric Field Instrument (EFI) Langumir Probe (LP) Ion Drift and Effective Mass


Thsi product contains estimated ion drift velocity, effective ion mass, and electron density along the Swarm satellite orbits, derived using measurements taken from the Swarm electric field instrument (EFI) Langmuir Probes (LP) and faceplate (FP), within the framework of modified orbital motion limited (OML) theory.

The dataset is produced within the Swarm LP Ion Drift and Effective Mass (SLIDEM) project.

Output variables

TimestampUTCTime of observation1CDF_EPOCH
LatitudedegreesGeodetic latitude.1CDF_REAL8
LongitudedegreesGeodetic longitude.1CDF_REAL8
RadiusmGeocentric radius.1CDF_REAL8
HeightmHeight above WGS84 reference ellipsoid.1CDF_REAL8
QDLatitudedegreesQuasi-dipole magnetic latitude.1CDF_REAL8
MLThourMagnetic local time.1CDF_REAL8
V_sat_necm/sSatellite velocity in north, east, centre (NEC) reference frame.3CDF_REAL8
M_i_effa.m.u.Ion effective mass.1CDF_REAL8
M_i_eff_erra.m.u.Ion effective mass uncertainty.1CDF_REAL8
M_i_eff_Flags - Ion effective mass validity flag.1CDF_UINT4
M_i_eff_tbt_modela.m.u.Ion effective mass from Truhlik et al. (2015) topside empirical model.1CDF_REAL8
V_im/sIon along-track drift.1CDF_REAL8
V_i_errm/sIon along-track drift uncertainty.1CDF_REAL8
V_i_Flags - Ion along-track drift validity flag.1CDF_UINT4
V_i_rawm/sIon along-track drift without high-latitude detrending.1CDF_REAL8
N_icm^-3Ion density.1CDF_REAL8
N_i_errcm^-3Ion density unertainty.1CDF_REAL8
N_i_Flags - Ion density validity flag.1CDF_UINT4
A_fpm^2Modified-OML EFI faceplate area.1CDF_REAL8
R_pmModified-OML Langmuir spherical probe radius.1CDF_REAL8
T_eKElectron temperature.1CDF_REAL8
Phi_scVSpacecraft floating potential with respect to plasma potential far from satellite.1CDF_REAL8